750 Formula Rules

Home750 FormulaFormula RulesKit SpecChassisBody PanelsParts & PricesContact The construction rules for the formula basically specify that:

The car is a sports racing car with a tubular  frame chassis incorporating a small passenger space with a flexible tonneau cover

The engine is an 1108cc FIAT FIRE engine from the Punto or Seicento. The former Reliant engine is also still allowed.

Modifications to the basic FIAT engine are confined to balancing and lightening the flywheel and raising the compression ratio. Limited balancing of the reciprocating parts is also allowed.    

Inlet manifold and exhaust system design are free but carburetion is limited to a single choke There is a control camshaft. Ignition mapping is restricted to engine speed input only.

 The transmission is restricted to a 4 speed gearbox but a 5 speed box may be modified by the removal of one of its ratios.

New rules have introduced transverse-engined cars. These are allowed to us specified standard FIAT 5 speed gearboxes and use independent rear suspension.

Other cars must use a live rear axle. All present cars use modified Morris Minor/MG Midget axles - but others such as Ford could be used.

The control tyre is the Yokohama Advan slick. But choice of wet tyres is free.

There is a minimum weight of 365 kg for Fiat engined cars that do not use 2"x 2" chassis side members

These simple rules have enabled constructors to build a wide variety of competitive cars in front or mid-engined configuration at a reasonable cost.

Detailed Regulations are available from the 750 Motor Club at www.750mc.co.uk

Lots of advice from other competitors is available from the 750 Formula Forum