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  Rear Suspension:

The Merlin uses a Morris Minor rear axle. The axle is shortened on the nearside to accept an MG Midget halfshaft giving an offset differential.

The axle is located with long radius arms and a Panhard rod.  Springing is by coil-over shock absorbers. The brakes are standard Morris Minor. Wheel mounting centres are MG Midget.

The photo shows the 10" coil-overs mounted on the chassis and the radius arms and Panhard rods and the their mounting brackets on the axle. Also visible is the sturdy propshaft hoop

The lower ends of the coil-overs are disconnected and the axle is supported at its normal ride height on the wooden blocks.

Front Suspension:

The front suspension uses Triumph uprights modified to have a spherical bearing lower joint and a rod end upper joint. The wishbones attach to the chassis mountings with rod ends to give a fully adjustable front suspension.

Steering is by a front mounted, Left hand drive Mini steering rack

Hubs, discs, and calipers are Triumph parts.

Front wheels are Triumph.