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This shows the completed chassis after painting on the left and the engine and gearbox in place

The engine and gearbox are positioned so that alternative gearboxes with longer tailshafts can be fitted and the engine bay is large enough to accept alternative power units.

The front suspension cradle is built separately before fitting to the rest of the chassis to improve accuracy and so that accident damage can be more easily repaired.

As specified in the regulations the chassis has 2"x2" box section main side members with a box section structure built onto them. The roll hoop and its support braces are in round tube.

The standard chassis includes all the mountings for a Reliant engine and gearbox, suspension mountings, 6 point safety harness and body mountings.

Chassis Specification:-

Mass: 40kg

Approximate Torsional Stiffness: 4900 lbf ft per deg