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The Racekits Merlin is newly designed Class C 750 Trophy racing car.

It is built to pre-1974 750 Formula regulations and uses components and methods that were available at that time - although some exceptions are allowed.

The Merlin kit can also be used to built a hill climb or sprint car using alternative engines and transmissions although 100 bhp would probably be a sensible limit

Merlin Specification:

Description:    A front-engined sports racing car with a live rear axle, complying with 750 Motor Club and MSA regulations for eligibility and safety.

Chassis:   A multi-tube square section chassis with 2"x2" main longitudinals, complete with roll hoop and mountings for Reliant 850 engine and gearbox, suspension, bodywork and 6 point safety harness

Engine:   Reliant 850 cc is standard but other Reliant engines or the Coventry Climax 750cc engine are also permitted in the 750 Trophy regulations. For other uses there is sufficient room in the engine bay for alternative power units.

Transmisssion: Reliant 4 speed gearbox with shortened Reliant propshaft. Other period gearboxes may also be used

Front Suspension:  Short double wishbone with spherical bearings, rod ends, and modified Triumph uprights. Outboard coil-over shock absorbers. Left-hand drive mini rack

Rear Suspension;  Offset Morris Minor axle located with radius arms and Panhard rod and coil-over shock absorbers

Bodywork: The chassis is panelled in flat aluminium sheet. The nose cone, bonnet and rear body are GRP mouldings.


Overall Length: tba

Overall Width: tba

Wheelbase: 2.08 m

Track:    1.22 m

Mass: 320 kg