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The Falcon body is made up of a number panels and separate mudguards to reduce weight and make repairs easier and cheaper.

All panels will squeeze through a standard doorway - useful if you want re-spray them in the spare room.

The panels are made in GRP with a thin Gel Coat finish and the panels are stiffened to maintain shape and strength whilst keeping weight to the minimum.

 Nose Cone  The nose cone is designed to house a front mounted radiator and has a full width honeycomb reinforced splitter.

Side Pods  The sidepods have designed with ducted ground effect venturis to help generate some downforce from the underfloor of the car, and more importantly to reduce the amount of water that hits the driver in the face when the car goes through a puddle

 Rear Body The one-piece rear moulding incorporates the headrest fairing and is designed to carry the rear wing loads through a bonded-in framework

 Bonnet PanelThis is a one piece moulding that forms the cockpit surround. This reduces weight and prevents any problems with panel fitting.

 Mudguards The regulations call for the wheels to be covered.

A choice of mudguard designs is available. All are suitable for mounting in any wheel position.

AerofoilThe Aerofoil is based on a NACA 632_615 and is designed for a variety of mounting methods

Wing SupportThe wing supports are an aluminium tube with a bonded GRP fairing

DiffuserThe diffuser is made in a multi-part mould that enables moulded-in strakes with radiused in edges.